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MYR 2019

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The Rajasthanis Abroad Youth Samaj, or RAYS, was created in early 2005 to form connections among Marwari youth living in North America through shared culture and heritage. Since its inception, RAYS has coordinated numerous regional and national events that have allowed the Marwari youth to develop their cross cultural identity by meeting peers and experiencing Marwari culture on a relatable level. RAYS maintains a strong collaborative relationship with the Maheshwari Mahasabha of North America (MMNA).

The mission of RAYS is to foster and grow a community of young (13 to 35 years of age) Marwaris. We hope to strengthen existing friendships and create new ones, anchored in our shared heritage. Together, we hope to explore our culture, network professionally, and of course, have a good time!

In an effort to expand the scope of the organization and continue to foster a sense of community, RAYS launched a 5-year plan called RAYS 2023. The goal of this plan is to modernize the operations of the organization and serve as a valuable resource to Marwari youth. We're going to achieve this by aggressively expanding our membership base, while working hard to keep everyone engaged at a higher rate. In 2019, we launched 4 brand new initiatives -- learn about them here.

Executive Board

Prince Bhojwani


Los Angeles

Nita Bhojwani

Vice President

New York

Nehal Tenany

Public Relations Chair

San Francisco

Riya Jagetia

Philanthropy Chair


Namita Pallod

Philanthropy Chair


Sarika Malani

Mentorship Chair


Arpan Somani

Mentorship Chair


Neeraj Periwal

Member Development Chair

San Francisco

Yash Bajaj

Programming Chair


Mohit Moondra

Programming Chair

San Francisco

Nikita Zamwar

Programming Chair

San Francisco

RAYS 2023 Initiatives

Until 2018, RAYS has never actively raised funds. All of our programming was funded by MMNA, local chapters, and MYR registration fees. In order to fund our community development programs, project sponsorships, and improved programming efforts - we are raising funds through individual donations and corporate sponsorships. If you'd like to help build a stronger community for RAYS, the future of Rajasthan, then please send us a message and we will be in touch!

The RAYS Mentorship program is a community program designed to facilitate personal and professional relationships between RAYS (mentors) and RAY Js (mentees). Mentees will lean on their mentors for questions and advice, ranging from professional/educational to personal and mentors will be expected to make themselves available on a consistent basis to their respective mentee. Our aim is to create long lasting personal and professional relationships across generations within our community.

Our mission is to help inspire and facilitate our members in becoming active, involved members of their communities, both locally and globally. We aim to do this by sharing information on events or initiatives that our members are spearheading or participating in, hosting events and initiatives ourselves, and providing grants to philanthropic endeavors that aim to be both high-impact and long-lasting.

Our mission is to build stronger connections between our RAYS members and remain connected to our Maheshwari heritage through engaging member programming. Through regional and national events we hope to build lifelong personal and professional connections between our members and the communities they live in.

Consistent and meaningful engagement with members is key to ensuring that RAYS is successful. Member Development is charged with connecting members with other Marwari youth as well as local and national RAYS resources. By onboarding new RAYS members, actively maintaining an up-to-date member database, and rapidly responding to questions from new and existing youth, Member Development helps ensure RAYS members are in the know and connected to what matters.

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