About RAYS

The Rajasthanis Abroad Youth Samaj, or RAYS, was created in early 2005 to form connections among Marwari youth living in North America through shared culture and heritage. Since its inception, RAYS has coordinated numerous regional and national events that have allowed the Marwari youth to develop their cross cultural identity by meeting peers and experiencing Marwari culture on a relatable level. RAYS maintains a strong collaborative relationship with the Maheshwari Mahasabha of North America (MMNA).

The mission of RAYS and its programming endeavors is to foster and grow a community of young (21 to 35 years of age) Marwaris. We hope to strengthen existing friendships and create new ones, anchored in our shared heritage. Together, we hope to explore our culture, network professionally, and of course, have a good time!

On this website you'll be able to: learn more about the Rajasthani youth community in North America, re-experience past events by browsing through photo galleries, and register for upcoming events!

Also, a special thank you goes to Kaushlesh Biyani for allowing RAYS to manipulate a graphic he designed into the new RAYS logo!

Have comments, questions, or just want to say hi? Drop us a line: rays@mmna.org

Meet the Executive Board

Priya Malani Manchanda President

Mohit Moondra Community Chair

Sarika Malani Events Chair

Sweta Maheshwari Public Relations Chair

Nupur Maheshwari Technology Chair

About Exec

The Executive Board of RAYS serves in a number of capacities including:

  • • Serving as the primary liaison between the Maheshwari Mahasabha of North America ("MMNA") and RAYS membership

  • • Planning and execution of biannual Marwari Youth Reunions ("MYRs")

  • • Creating youth-focused programming at biannual International Maheshwari Rajasthani Conventions ("IMRCs")

  • • Fostering professional networking among RAYS members

  • • Aiding regional RAYS chapters in organizing local events throughout the year

Planning for larger events such as biannual MYRs and IMRCs is done with the help of committees that are formed on a volunteer basis for each event. To join the Executive Board, a RAYS member must serve on one of these committees and complete an application.

The primary role of RAYS President is to drive the vision of the organization through setting goals and creating plans for execution. The President will construct agendas and lead each executive board meeting, and afterwards, the President will ensure all action items are being completed in a timely manner. As the face of RAYS, the President is expected to represent the organization to MMNA and external organizations. Additionally, as MMNA introduces new youth to RAYS, the President will provide him/her an initial introduction to the organization and find RAYS members in his/her area to connect with.
The Vice President of RAYS is charged with assisting the President with his/her responsibilities and filling that role if the President is unavailable. In addition, the Vice President will be responsible for scheduling executive board meetings and taking minutes. The Vice President will also play the role of a traditional Treasurer, creating budgets for events and submitting them to MMNA for approval. During and following an event, the Vice President is expected to track expenses and make reimbursements as necessary.
The RAYS Technology Chair is primarily responsible for maintaining the RAYS website. The Tech Chair is expected to be able to edit existing pages and design new ones as needed. Additionally, the Tech Chair will integrate forms, surveys, and documentation into the website when the executive board needs to communicate or distribute something broadly to all RAYS members. The Tech chair will also address any inquiries that are submitted through the website.
The RAYS Public Relations Chair’s goal is to keep RAYS members engaged with the organization throughout the year, whether or not there is an upcoming, national event. The PR Chair will manage the social media platforms RAYS uses, including Facebook, GroupMe, and Twitter. The PR Chair will be integral in drafting and sending communications to the general body. Additionally, the PR Chair will be tasked with sourcing content and creating the RAYS Newsletter (“RAYS of our Lives”) every two to three months.
The Events Chair will take the lead in creating youth programming for both International Maheshwari Rajastani Conventions (“IMRCs”) and Marwari Youth Reunions (“MYRs”). In both instances, the Events Chair will gather input on the types of events the RAYS general body would find interesting and engaging, then determine the best way to execute with the help of committees. During the IMRC planning phase, the Events Chair will join the President on planning calls with MMNA and debrief the rest of the Executive Board on progress.
The RAYS Community Chair is responsible for building and maintaining a community atmosphere among RAYS members, especially during periods in which there are no upcoming national events. To do this, the Community Chair will work closely with local chapters to encourage and help coordinate local events such as dinners, regional weekend outings, or community service projects. Additionally, the Community Chair will be responsible for promoting professional networking and maintaining the RAYS LinkedIn group. As needed, the Community Chair will be the primary contact for youth ages 13-20, the “RAY-Jays” group.

Previous Members of the Executive Board

Roli Mandhana

Sarish Kasat

Prince Bhojwani

Kavita Pallod

Ankit Saraf

Rohit Biyani

Sweta Maheshwari

Kaushlesh Biyani