Build Professional Relationships.

Welcome to the Networking portal for RAYS, where you'll find the latest information on our recent Networking initiative!

What is the initiative? In collaboration with MMNA, we're working to help RAYS members create professional networking/mentoring relationships with established industry professionals in both MMNA and RAYS.

What can you expect out of this?

  • Open forums and Q&A for various professions, both online and live with industry vets -- think hedge fund managers, large business owners, doctors practicing in various specialties, etc.
  • The ability to create one-on-one mentoring relationships, an unparalleled way to gain insight into an industry/sector.

How do you get involved? Check out the links to the right, where you can both sign up to be a part of the initiative and join our LinkedIn group.

We look forward to your involvement! The Maheshwari network in North America is a wealth of resources, and we plan to tap it fully. As always, contact us if you have any questions.